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  • Bike parking at the station

    Want to bike to the station? ‘Bike hotels’ are being built at more and more stations. Bikes can be parked in safety and shelter. Access to a bike hotel costs 50 kroner for 30 days and is payable using the Bane NOR parking app.

  • Parking Questions & Answers

    Got any questions about parking at stations? We’ve compiled a number of questions and answers about parking on Bane NOR properties.

  • Parking at the station

    Bane NOR has approx. 19,000 parking spaces at over 259 stations around the country. They are an important part of Bane NOR’s amenities at our stations.

  • Assistance services at the station

    Do you have a need for assistance at the train station?

  • Customer Service

    Bane NOR Customer Service will help you whether you have any questions or if you just want to share something with us. You find us also on Facebook and Twitter.